Why are we so divided (in 2020)

When you are born, you learn the contrast between right and wrong, good and bad, nice and evil. You learn what you have to do and what you don’t have to, the places you can go and others you shouldn’t, the things you can do and other things you are not allowed to do. These have never been an issue of debate or argument, you have never really questioned your parents on the reasons why? You are left with the choice to do either but knowing fully well the consequences for your actions. If you do the right things you are rewarded, if you do the wrong things you are punished, if you are good then you are praised, if you are bad then you are disliked, there is no debate there. Growing up we don’t always stick to a specific side, but we rather air on both sides depending on what suits us the most but the greater proportion of people air on the positive side because it is more beneficial to them and to everyone else. Beyond all these, we go to school, and we learn something valuable called Logic.

a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something

I know we might argue about what qualifies as right or as wrong in society but one thing which is universal is logic, and the moment you start question that then you lose your grip with reality.

2020 has been the year when we have had to question so many things. I have never liked being political but it is undoubtedly and single-handedly Trump’s fault. Since when is white supremacy a subject of discord, since when is racism graded according to degrees, since when did conspiracy theories become mainstream in our societies, since when do we contest elections, since when are masks anti-freedom weapons, since when did patriotism become subject to personal judgement and so much more. I understand that we all do have our opinions, and we all make choices, you choose what you want to eat, what you want to do in life and who you want to vote for but questioning reality and logic is simply wrong. In every other circumstance this won’t be an issue but here we are talking about people dying in millions and all around the world, a killer who doesn’t make distinction between race, gender or origins, killing indiscriminately and while those in charge are fighting amongst themselves, the ones down are left to pay the price with their lives.

How many times has this president said outrageous things, how many scandals and how many falsehoods? It has gotten to the point where you start doubting your own ideas. He repeats them like there is even any rationale to it all and makes you wonder if he lives in the same reality as us all. The most stunning part of this all are his supporters who blatantly create their own reality of what his actions mean, they basically do all they can to justify what is obviously and logically unjustifiable. I guess we all got what we wanted, a new experience. I am trying hard not to get political and I wish we can still get to the point where we agree on what is logical and what is not because if people keep looking reality as being subjective then we are headed down the wrong road. Put aside all the noise from all around you, the media, social media and all the rhetoric and take the time to look at the reality for yourself, the numbers, your environment and the world as a whole. Riots all over the world against police, a global pandemic souring, mass shooting, murders, isolation, division and much more, for the first time in history, poverty is not a headline anymore. What happened to the children in Syria, what happened to the migrants in the Mediterranean, what happened to climate change, do you think all those problems stopped magically? No, they just got sidelined by an even bigger and deadlier problem, because contrarily to poverty which takes years to kill a population, this pandemic takes hours. I know we can’t agree on a lot of things in normal circumstances, but we can all agree that we want to survive this.

Put aside your opinion for a minute and think about the greater good, think about what is good for yourself and your family. Nobody planned for this to happen and we all have to live with it but the choices we make today will determine if we see tomorrow. I would have loved to end on a positive note but what if this is not the end, what if there was something else, we didn’t see this coming and it speaks volumes on are lack of preparedness and our ability to collaborate even in a life or death situation. What if we were visited by aliens or a zombie epidemic started, I fear we might be anihilated in a matter of days.

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