2020 was unpredictable

I think it is fair to say that none of us saw this coming, even by a long shot. Bill Gates did give a speech which was pretty close to reality but that was still just a hypothetical and a fortunate coincidence, a lot like the other scientists warning us about the robot revolution. This is a major event which will be remembered for decades, throughout history this time will surely be noted as one of the most unpredictable and scary. It’s easy to underestimate the impact the COVID-19 has had around the world when you haven’t been personally affected but what makes this so particular is the inexplicable nature of it all.

The Scientist

We pride ourselves knowing that we have very intelligent persons all around the world and that we can plan for even the worst scenarios, some countries have the deadliest weapons known to mankind, we can stop meteorites from destroying the earth and most countries have been confident in their power. Scientist all around the world studying all possible eventualities which could cause damage or harm a person and quite frankly it was difficult or even inconceivable, considering our dominance of the planet, that there would be something which could threaten our existence. Mass extinction for human beings is something which we can barely even imagine, some scenarios talk about meteorites hitting the earth, others talk about global warming, others alien invasion and much more, who would have thought that a plausible scenario could be a human error itself.

The Plague

There are two very important aspects to the COVID10 which make it very deadly;

The Spread

From the moment it was detected in China to the moment it got across the globe was less than a month. Yeah! You heard that right, less than a month. That’s crazy fast in all perspectives, imagine if masks were ineffective, imagine if this illness had a 100% mortality rate, imagine if it was instant. I think by now we would be talking about the remnants of the human race. We would be all dead and the only survivors would be scavengers roaming the earth(walking dead style). I sometimes get a laugh imaging if this was the first vague and that all those who died woke up and the whole earth became the walking dead (LOL). It would be so ironic.

Human Differences

Humans from different continents, countries, towns, cities, quarters and tribes have always had differences, misunderstandings and long-standing beefs but you’d think that a life or death situation would make us put in to perspective our priorities but no. Even when we are threatened with mass extinction, we still engage in our petty disputes over what happened in the past or what should have happened. Imagine the earth being attacked by aliens, all of them will potentially be the same but us here we will be uncoordinated in our response due to racism. No only is the virus a plague but our mentalities are a perfect catalyst for this plague, while we are fighting with each others, the virus is easily spreading and causing more and more damage.

False Prophets

This won’t be the first time we would have heard about the end of the world coming, how many prophecies either from ancient myths, scientists or even false prophets have we heard throughout the time but none of them even alluded to something like this happening in 2020. Was this negligible or insignificant? I don’t think the 1.5M deaths across the world is an insignificant stat. This should discredit all those we consider themselves as prophets or whatsoever and I don’t mean just the men of God but also the scientists and everyone else, this has proven to us that there is no perfect experiment or statistic we can rely on 100%

Human Error

When you google what the deadliest animal is on the planet, you might get a couple of responses but human beings are undeniably at the top of that list. When it comes to sheer body count, a human being win without the hint of a doubt. Some people think, the virus was the way for the earth to regulate the population of human beings, which is a natural phenomenon in every ecosystem, be it in your body or in nature, when there is a specific specie which threatens the integrity of an ecosystem by its sheer number, that system produces mechanisms to regulate that population. Personally I don’t think this is true, simply because we can pinpoint the origin of the virus, and we do know how it spreads and besides, such a regulatory system won’t be that specific to target human beings alone. I think if the planet was trying to regulate the human population, that would be through global warming and climate change. When you think about this illness and its nature, it is obvious that this is something engineered in a lab, am not a scientist or a conspiracy theorist but I know that we are not the only creatures with an immune system, we are not the only creatures who breathe air, why aren’t we hearing the massive death of animals(notably birds) and other creatures, even in China. I don’t think a natural illness would be so deadly and so specific to know the human immune system’s weakness so specifically. I guess I have to do more research on viruses.

Conspiracy theories

There are so many outs there, every possible thing you can think about is out there. The most interesting one I got to see was; how this was a plot for population control orchestrated by the leaders of the world. Considering how climate change and global warming was starting to become a thing, the leaders of the word decided to take measures to reduce the population of the earth through a virus which targets the old people specifically. This is quite interesting because it does have a lot of anchors in real facts, but the problem with conspiracy theories is that it can’t be proven and I don’t think that a worldwide plot would be so simple to be deciphered by every common man. If we start making conspiracy theories main stream then we are headed down a rabbit hole we can never get back from, everybody would say what he wants to say and do what he wants to do. I can imagine a serial killer already justifying his actions with conspiracy theories which cannot be disproved because we would have discredited the rule of facts in our courts. I can’t prove it is wrong and I can’t prove it is right what I can say is that regardless, we shouldn’t give it any credit because it won’t do any good either way and such a worldwide coordination would be beyond reality.

This is Humbling

Everybody all around the world was threatened with life or death. Some may have felt confident by their position, wealth or power but this plague would have proved humbling. If the President of the United States can be reached then you better trust your ass can be gotten too. This shows us how far we have come but also how far we have to go, we are not gods neither, nor are we invincible. Our dominion over all other creatures may have given us a great sense of self-confidence, but we do need to remember that there are still a lot of things which can kill us with our ignorance being our greatest threat.

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