10 Lessons I learned in 2021

The year was filled with challenges of different magnitude, there were good times and also bad times and I can’t really rate the year one way or the other, it’s a year in which we all lost so many people across the world but also one in which we got to discover ourselves more intricately. Looking back at the year now, here are my biggest lessons I would have told to my old self if I could go back. Knowing some of these won’t have prevented some of the errors I made, while others would have definitely been very helpful to me.

1. Projects take longer than expected

I may have been way too optimistic in my planning of projects, there are many things I want to do, and I underestimated the time it would take to do all these things. Its important you realize that anything good takes time, you should be aware of this and take your time to do it well. You may not get that job after a month or two, you may not start a lucrative business in just a month, so plan things while giving them enough time to grow.

2. Work alone, people only care when you start making money

I had to learn this the hard way, I thought having a good idea was all I needed to bring people to work together but I was wrong, even with the best of ideas and the biggest of volition, people still need to eat and take care of themselves, make sure you put in the work first and when things are starting to move then people will join in later.

3. Ideas don’t matter, just do anything

Stop wasting time trying to find the best of ideas, you are surrounded by already incredible things you can do, it’s execution that matters. Do anything that generates money, and with that money you will be able to do anything you want. Don’t try to find the most innovative of ideas that nobody has ever seen before, instead find a way to deal with a problem that everybody sees.

4. Invest into content creation

Content Creation has evolved so much in recent years to becoming one of the biggest industries in the world, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be creating content in one way or the other. Get into content creation and express your creativity to the fullest.

5. Don’t get comfortable where you are (home, job, mindset)

I was beginning to feel comfortable with what I had, which was a very big mistake because it doesn’t take much to change a person’s life entirely. Stay uncomfortable even when you are surrounded with comfort, stay on the edge, stay hungry and strive for the most. Push yourself to the limit because you don’t know how far you can go until you give it all you’ve got.

6. Equipment is not what is stopping you

I’ve always made up excuses for myself like; I need a better computer, a bigger house, a cleaner microphone and a better camera but as it turns out, it wasn’t the equipment stopping me but rather the shyness I had and the spirit of procrastination. Even after acquiring all these things, I still wasn’t able to put in the work, I had to first deal with all these emotions before being able to be at my best.

7. Marketing is everything

When working on multiple projects, I always prioritized good code and building a fully functional application but as it turns out, marketing is way more important than anything else, even the biggest brands in the world still invest heavily on marketing which shows you the importance of marketing for any company. I should have built a partially functional beta version of each project and focused on marketing it.

8. Giving handouts can be your downfall

It’s easy to try and solve every problem with money, especially when you don’t necessarily have all the time in your hands, but this turns out to be a big mistake because people tend to forget about working hard or forget that you are actually working hard, and now they basically just turn to you every time there is an issue without even thinking about what they could do to fix the problem and the bills only get bigger.

9. Nobody will plan your life for you

As kids, where are all used to our parents taking the decisions and guiding us through all the motions in life, even when you become an adult you still have parents to tell you it’s time to get a house, get married etc. I realized that more of this responsibility was shifted to me, I had to start deciding on life goals and objectives, it was no longer just deciding what clothes to buy or what food to cook but I had to start planning for the future, how my life would look like.

10. Focus

I was all over the place trying to do 101 things all at the same time, I needed focus in my life. Find one thing I’m good at and put in all my energy into making that work. The fear I had was to invest my time into one single thing which won’t turn out well, but the solution to that is to do things sequentially and not simultaneously.

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