Sell Your Music in Cameroon

Here is a list of the major platforms where you can sell your music as an artist in Cameroon. Before even thinking of YouTube, release your music on these Platforms. You can sell singles or albums on these platforms and your fans can buy it through Mobile Money, Orange Money, Yoomee money. It’s simple and accessible to everyone. 

eNow Digital 

You can sell Songs, Apps, E-Books, Audiobooks and E Magazines. You have a Show and you don’t have people in all the ten Regions of Cameroon to walk and sell Tickets ? enow Digital can help sell your Tickets in all the 10 regions of Cameroon. The most exciting thing about this platform is that you can buy the content via mobile payment systems. Don’t release any Project for free, make use of these platforms to generate some incomes first before sharing it on other social medias such as Youtube. 


Muzikol remains one of the biggest Online Marketplace in Cameroon to sell your songs and also connect you with Music lovers in and out of the Country. Muzikol has made everything easy for us as we can easily buy and Sell on their platform.

 Muzikol held in 2020 one of the biggest Awards in Cameroon, called MUMA, to celebrate industry stakeholders. You should definitely check out this platform. Before releasing your music on YouTube , You can sell it here for some time, make cash before dropping it on YouTube.


Now this is one of the best we have in the Country. You can sell and buy music on this platform via mobile Money. This makes it easy for the local Population to get it. Muzee Digital is not only there to help you sell your music but to also help distribute your music to over 50 music store. Now imagine your Music on 50 music stores and people streaming it. Many face difficulties in putting their music on Boomplay, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc. Muzee Digital got you covered and will do this for you at a very cheap rate.


Mic Monsta, Salatiel, Meshi and many other prominent cameroonian artists released their Albums on Auxplay and it’s been good. You can even buy a single song from the Album if you don’t have enough money to buy all. The good thing is you can use your mobile money to purchase these songs and it’s pretty fast.


In terms of the most accessible international distributor, I’ll recommend distrokid. It gives you access to all the music stores in the world and the setup is very easy. There are other options like tunecore, cdbaby, ditto etc but this is by far the most accessible. 

Their smallest plan is $20 but it comes with some limitations like not being able to set the release date. I’ll recommend the $36 plan which is something around 21k XAF. This plan is good for any independent or upcoming artist. You can find a person with a visa card and get him to pay for this, then you will be able to release an unlimited amount of songs 

The payment is on a yearly basis

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