Top Companies in Cameroon 2021

Nine Cameroonian companies in the top 500 of the best African companies. The 22nd edition of the ranking of the 500 companies that drive the African economy, produced by the magazine Jeune Afrique, has been available for a few days. In this ranking, nine Cameroonian companies are taken into account, against ten last year.

The  National Hydrocarbons Company  (SNH)

Holds the leading group of Cameroonian companies in this list. However, its other performance is declining. With a turnover of 686.2 billion F, against 918.2 billion F. The SNH went from 89th to 107th place in the general classification.

Brasseries (SABC)

Ranked 219th against 226th in 2020, the 2nd nationally. It has a turnover of 315.7 billion F, against about 351.3 billion in 2018.


The third representative of Cameroon is the concessionaire of the public electricity service. 237th in this annual ranking thanks to a turnover of more than 303 billion F, it gains 17 places, compared to the 259th place last year.


distributor of petroleum products in 2020, occupied the 5th for Cameroon and 271st on the continent is 4 th  in 2021. Its turnover in 2019, nearly 268 billion F. mobile operator  MTN Cameroon  who won thirty seats (from 348 to 319) with sales up (over 200 billion F to over 206 billion F) in the 5 th  place this year.

The  National Social Security Fund  (CNPS)

Occupies the 332 nd   rank in the African ranking, is 6th in the Cameroonian ranking with a turnover of 194.547 billion CFA francs. 

Orange Cameroon 

Is placed in seventh place in the Cameroonian ranking and 340 th  at the African level. Its turnover is 180, 785 billion F.

The  special inter-municipal equipment and intervention  fund (Feicom)

The utility company, ranked 8th out of the nine Cameroonians ranked. It has jumped almost 100 places, going from 466th in 2021 to 369th place this year. At the origin of this recognition, a turnover of around 164.2 billion F (351 million dollars) in 2019, against nearly 109 billion F in 2018.

The  Cotton Development Company  (Sodecoton)

The last company (9 th ) of Cameroon has in this ranking. It ranks 397 th   African ranking and achieved a turnover of over 144, 422 billion F.

The ranking takes into account the data (turnover and net income) recorded during the year 2019, before the appearance of Covid-19, it is mentioned in the magazine N ° 3101. As a reminder, it is Sonatrach, an Algerian company specializing in energy, which has been at the top of the ranking for several years, thanks to a turnover (turnover) of more than 46,000 million dollars. This despite a decrease compared to 2018 (more than 48,000 million dollars).

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