Camtel Mobile Internet Bundles

Calls & SMS (TOLI)

The bundles for calls and sms are called TOLI packages

XS500 XAF50 Mins500 Mo1 Week*155*10*1#
S2000 XAF200 Mins 2 Go1 Month*155*20*1#
M5000 XAF500 Mins 5 Go1 Month*155*30*1#
L10,000 XAF1,000 Mins 10 Go1 Month *155*40*1#
XL20,000 XAF2,000 Mins 20 Go1 Month *155*50*1#
XXL35,000 XAF3,500 Mins 35 Go Month *155*60*1#

Toli Team

Because texting and calling are no longer enough, our TOLI TEAM solutions make you discover mobile telephony differently, with economical and all-in-one packages, offering minutes of calls and SMS to all nationals outside the fleet + 3G mobile internet / 4G, in addition to unlimited calls and SMS in your fleet, each month (03 lines minimum). These offers put a group of numbers of your choice in the flotte where you can call each without charges.

Mobile Internet (FAKO)

XS500 XAF/2 Go1 Day*155*110*1#
S2000 XAF300 Mo9 Go1 Month*155*120*1#
M5000 XAF850 Mo25.5 Go1 Month*155*130*1#
L10,000 XAF2 Go60 Go1 Month *155*140*1#
XL20,000 XAF4.5 Go135 Go1 Month *155*150*1#
XXL35,000 XAF8 Go240 Go1 Month *155*160*1#

Mobile Internet (Blue)

BLUEPriceUnlimited AppsDataValidityCalls / SMS
Booster500 XAF1,5 Go1 Day/
S2000 XAFFb, Tt, Wa, Tel 2 Go1 Week15 Mins / 100 sms
M3000 XAFFb, Tt, Wa, Tel 2 Go1 Month30 Mins / 200 sms
L5,000 XAFFb, Tt, Wa,
Tel, Ins
3 Go1 Month 45 Mins / 300 sms
XL10,000 XAFFb, Tt, Wa,
Tel, Ins, Yt
4 Go1 Month 75 Mins / 400 sms
XXL20,000 XAFFb, Tt, Wa,
Tel, Ins, Yt,
10 Go1 Month 120 Mins / 500 sms

PS: Calls are the same price on all networks

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