What it takes to succeed

The path to success for a very long time has been an elusive one to many people out there, that’s just because they never took the time to read the countless books needed for them to fully grasp what success. Many people have a misguided view of success, how can you achieve a goal which is totally misunderstood. We are all after success in one way or the other, but often times we think wrongly that we are looking for the same thing, which then leads us in to the false way of thinking that we are all walking in the same path, when in reality, we aren’t. What you think you really want may not even be what you qualify as success, but since that is the only term we can use to identify the endpoint you are trying to reach, we just name it as such.

What success is in actuality

Success is what you make it out to be, most people view success as having a certain amount of money or being the first in a field, meanwhile when you look deep down into them, that’s not even what they are after. A lot of us are just trying to run away from poverty or sadness, and so even making it through that is already success in a sense. Money, fame, titles are just social constructs we built around our lives to make them easier, they were never meant to be the end but rather just the means to that end.

Your goal shouldn’t be to have the new car, your goal is to be happy, but if you set in your mind that the goal ends once you have the new car then you will never attain success because that goal will keep changing on every iteration of that car. The same applies for money, your definition of success shouldn’t be to become a millionaire, because once you do, you still will be aiming for even higher than that making success unattainable for you.

You have to understand that success is an accomplishment based on a definitive milestone, so if you define it based on something evolving through time then you will never get there, which is the mistake many people do, reason why they never consider themselves successful.

There was a time when I considered 100k as being a lot of money and once I got that it became small, then I wanted 200k and my greed never stopped, in the end I realized that I was just after a ghost.

What it takes

No matter what you do in life, it takes all of these to attain the success you want in whatever you do;

  • Hard work
  • Discipline
  • Intelligence
  • Devotion
  • Mindset

The good news is that you don’t need to have all these skills for you to be successful, you can always find people who posses the other skills and form a team. This is the reason why a lot of people fail, they lack either one or a combination of these skills, which isn’t enough to take them to the success they desire. You can also train yourself to master all of these skills but very often it is difficult to master all of them even entrepreneurs struggle with that.

A good scenario to illustrate this is just the simple setting of a school. I’m sure if you are able to read this, then you’ve been through school. A certificate can be considered a form of success, you needed a combination of all of these to be able to make it to the end. If you even lacked one of these, then I don’t think you would have been able to succeeded to obtain the certificates you now have. Now the thing is that in life, depending on our goals, we need these skills in different degrees, I’ll like you not to consider these skills as belonging just to a single individual but rather to a set of persons who work together towards a common goal(team). In every company, there is a department for each of these skills;

  • discipline (Human resources)
  • Hard work (employees)
  • Intelligence (bosses)
  • Devotion (finances)
  • Mindset (business plan)

If one of these were to be lacking then a company would have a hard time surviving, that’s why for you as well to achieve the success you desire, you need to;

1. Identify what you want to qualify as success, it should be something definitive which can be accomplished in a specific way and which doesn’t vary through time.

2. You have to either train yourself through all these skills or find these skills from other people

3. Applying these skills to the extent needed for you to attain the goal you would have fixed for yourself

Why intelligent people work for dumb people

Now you understand why very intelligent people often end up working for dumb persons, why “A” students from Harvard end up working for “C” students or even dropouts, it is because one has the discipline and the hard work, but the other has the intelligence and the devotion. It’s the combination of both of their skills which leads to the success they both desire, on one hand you have the Harvard student who considers having a high paying job as that milestone of success, who is able to put in the work with the discipline needed but lacks the management or even the leadership skills and on the other hand you have the dropout who excels at leadership and management but lacks the hard work or even the intelligence required to take him to the end.

Why many people never achieve success

The first reason is that many people don’t even know what to qualify as success for them, so money becomes the default answer, and so they spend their entire lives trying to get as much as they can without realizing that it isn’t what will bring them happiness. The same goes for all the things we try to buy, we might qualify success as having a big house with a lot of stuff in it, but while in reality all we want is not to be in need. That’s why many people consider themselves as having never attained success because the milestone is a link to an ever-changing objective which makes it difficult to aim for.

The second reason is that we don’t often find this perfect combination of skills which very often guarantees success, people are blessed with one or two and could strive to obtain a third one, finding the rest of skills becomes a challenge very difficult to accomplish and even when we do find it, maintaining it is difficult for us to accomplish as well. Some try to pursue their dreams all alone which often takes them a lifetime to accomplish, others do find the skills they need, but they aren’t able to maintain it and so get caught up with the obstacles they meet on the way.


I don’t think anyone truly understands what luck is, we can’t predict it, so there is no way to anticipate on it. The results of luck are independent of our actions, it comes and goes and there is no way to tell where it will strike next or even when. That’s why you can’t really preach on luck as being the route for all success, through countless experiments from past and present person, we have learned that the combination of these skills is most certainly the guarantor of success. Imagine everyone in your school applied the combination of the skills above, they are most certainly going to pass all of their exams, the same applies for life as well, with this combination of skills you are more than certain to attain the success you desire. Now, bad luck may strike and take things in another direction, but that is just the exception which confirms the rule.

My Advice

Fully understand what you want exactly before setting out for it, we often think we want to change the world, but what do you want to change about the world exactly Success should be something you are ready to dedicate your entire life to, being first or having a lot of money are not end goals, because there will always be another person richer than you and the first position is only worthy for a season, with the new season there will be a new champion. Think long and hard on what you want to accomplish and what that objective should be for you, then apply all your skills to achieve it.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, like you saw above, we don’t possess all the skills we need to take us to the end, we can find those additional skills in other persons who share a common ground with us, or with whom we share a common lap in the journey.

The mistake you could make would be to think that you can master all of these skills and that you don’t need anybody else, I’ll just tell you to look around, how many businesses out there have a single employee? How big are they? I don’t think that is satisfactory enough. No matter what that goal is that you want to achieve, you will need people to help you get there be it; family, friends, colleagues, employees etc. So make use of the skills which are found in others to compliment on yours and take you to the end

Thanks for reading!!

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