5 Best Backend Technologies For Web App Development in 2021

Avoir un site Web pour votre entreprise est devenu une nécessité sur le marché de la nouvelle ère, quel que soit le secteur d’activité de l’industrie ou l’expérience professionnelle. Étant donné que 70% des clients potentiels choisissent d’acheter des marques avec des sites Web, les organisations du monde entier investissent définitivement dans des services de développement Web.

Cutting-edge technology has led to tremendous innovation in web and mobile app development and has enabled companies to effectively respond to the changing needs of their customers. While website development is no longer a far-fetched task for developers, changing customer expectations is a real challenge. The most powerful frameworks, APIs, tools and libraries provide a hassle-free browsing experience.

For example, there are thousands of e-commerce platforms available worldwide, but 40.4% of Americans prefer to shop on Amazon. With an attractive product portfolio and interface design, your website works like a well-packaged machine, so a possible way to start your web development journey is to identify your market needs, your current school, and suggest ways to help you in the future. You may have great ideas, but providing a smooth and engaging user experience backed by a powerful server is essential for them to be well received in the market.

Why Backend is Important In Web Development?

As many companies claim. What most people often overlook is the fact that the interface is built on the powerful back end of a website. No matter how beautiful and bright the site interface is. Your bad backend will throw a big mistake!

But the good news is that for dynamic website development, any reputable web development company can now take advantage of the off-the-shelf components and eliminate the need to build and customize everything from scratch. Building a powerful backend in 2021? Predicting the future of a dynamically changing industry as an expert is no easy task, but here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best answers to your questions.

5 Most Scalable Backend Development Framework in 2021:

Before starting the development process, choosing the right programming language and technology for server-side development is a necessary but challenging and challenging task, so if you are a company, you can consider the following tips to make the best decision:

  • Choose the programming language that has been maintained for the last 5 years.
  • Go through with the leading names and choose the one that perfectly fits your company’s resources and goals.
  • Programming languages that have a strong community are the preferred most for backend development.
  • Mainstream and well adapted in the industry by the leading titans.
  • Pick the one which is highly popular with stable or increasing popularity.

Based on the aforementioned parameters, we have included some of the most popular programming languages ​​and technologies used for internal business website development. You can hire web developers to make the most of these technologies and develop applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

5 Leading Languages

1. Node.Js

Node.js is a Popular Choice For Consistency Purposes!

JavaScript remains important when it comes to creating a website, and Node.js is one of the strongest JS frameworks in the last few years.

Since Node.js has its runtime environment, therefore it has gained immense popularity among the developer’s community.

Also, Node.js is considered as the most efficient framework, so developers widely used it to create high-end hybrid apps such as video streaming apps.

Key Highlights of Node.js

  • Based on JavaScript

Node.js is a JavaScript-based solution, and the majority of the developer’s community is already aware of this language and have good command of it. So hiring a Node.js developer is easier and less time consuming for businesses.

  • Ensure High Performance

Node.js is popularly known for high performance. It is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine that allows it to compile the codes directly into the code machine which ultimately results in faster implementation. In addition, Node.js supports the non-blocking input/output operations which in turn reduces the response time of the server.

  • Node.js Tools and Frameworks

The default package of Node.js is NPM which has more than 350,000 tools available in the registry and free to access. This gives developers a plethora of options to choose from.

Secondly, Express.js is one of the most potent frameworks of Node.js that is simple to access and ensures the fastest yet opinionated solution.

2. Python

Famous for High-Level Dynamics!

According to the survey, Python is the second most popular programming language, surpassing Java and has become a choice of 48.24% of developers.

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If you are about to kick-start your software development project, the popularity of the programming language will be one of the significant concerns to bear in mind. And Python has been exceptionally out-shined in the community.

Whether you want to assemble a knowledgeable in-house team or find a reliable website development company that helps you build a product, then Python is surely a widespread technology that will surely help you start the development process much faster.

Here are the Major Reasons:

  • Simple Language Means Faster Backend Development

One of the primary reasons for hiring a Python developer is, it boasts a simple yet straightforward language for development. Python’s syntax resembles everyday English language which makes it easy to read, learn and use for advanced levels of work. Hence it is widely used for web development, software development and more.

  • Support of Abundance of Libraries and Frameworks

The third most important reason why organizations are picking Python for backend development in 2021 is it is supported by a plethora of frameworks and libraries, which makes it easier to integrate with other languages, ensure automation garbage collection, GUI support and more.

  • Compatible With Trending Technologies Like AI & ML

Python’s compatibility with the latest yet industry demanding technologies makes it the most preferred among Indian developers. So if you are planning to build a robust application, then collaborating with the developers will be a worthy decision.

Pro Tip: When you are looking for a tech partner who’ll help you launch your Python product, keep in mind that they are working with Python 3.9 as it boasts all the latest features and is highly efficient for enterprise projects.

3. Kotlin

Perfect Solution To Common Developer’s Problems!

Using 60% of Android app developers globally, Kotlin has a dominating position in the programming community. Being officially supported by Google, Kotlin is highly preferred for Android development.

But how does Kotlin fit into 2021 backend framework trends?

Kotlin is a code-concise language that requires less code writing to improve readability, therefore results in fewer bugs and enables developers to focus on other essential tasks.

In 2021, Kotlin as a backend programming language has occupied an important position and ensured excellent website performance.

Apart Here are the Key Highlights of Kotlin

  • Multi-platform Compatibility

Kotlin is a universal backend programming language, so to transforming applications from one platform to another, you can hire web developer and leverage straightforward yet seamless experience.

  • Easier to Learn and Implement

Kotlin came from industry instead of academia; therefore, Kotlin is more straightforward than Java, which solves the real challenges and problems programmers face. Also, there is less requirement for code writing, therefore the language is less error-prone and allows developers to find errors quickly.

  • Secure and Safe To Use

No matter how complicated your development project is, data security is always essential to growing in the modern business world. Therefore hiring Kotlin developers is a worthy decision to add an additional layer of security.

4. Ruby on Rails

Popularly Known For Standardized Web App Creation!

Ruby on Rails has been launched with an aim to simplify the process of web and mobile app development and plays a pivotal role in reducing the time spent on standardized the task.

RoR is slower than Python, but it helps in reducing 25% website development time as compared to other programming languages. So if you are all set to kick off your web development project, then here are the few benefits you can leverage by hiring a web developer experienced on RoR.

Top RoR Benefits For Businesses

  • The code which is written in Ruby on Rails is highly crisp, consistent and clear. This is one of the most time-efficient frameworks in the world that save a huge amount of time on development.
  • It boasts a large community of programmers, thus if developers face any issues during development projects, they will have a large number of experts to reply to them instantly.
  • Since 70% to 80% of codes can be reused for web app development, though experts can help you save a great amount of time on development.
  • It works on Mobile-View-Control-Format, which simply means that you can simply separate the business logic from other app elements.

Ruby On Rails is one of the best-recommended programming languages for the development projects like;

  • Database solutions
  • E-commerce sites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Content Sites

5. Java

The Principle of Write Once and Run Anywhere Makes It Still Charming For Developers!

Java is another popular programming language for backend web development that is widely used for developing enterprise-scale web applications along with Android app development, desktop app development and other scientific apps that require object-oriented programming language.

Since this programming language is based on Write Once Run Anywhere Principle and those codes can be executed in any platform that supports Java without any need for recompilation, though around 8 million Java developers worldwide have strong faith in this programming language.

The popularity of This Programing Language

Java is based on Javascript, which has existed for 15+ years for web development in the community, therefore, leading companies like Adobe, Flipkart, Amazon have already enhanced the functionalities of their app by simply hiring Java developers.


Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you have few industry-leading programming languages for your web and app development. Every programming language has its own charm and losses, so there is no standard programing language that fits all business needs. If you are in a dilemma that which programing language is best suited to your project, then you can hire a web development company with the soundtrack record. They will help you pick the best backend programing language and frameworks that are not only used by leading industries but also an efficient choice for your project.

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