I'm realjema
Web Developer

I’m a software engineer specializing in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences. Currently, I’m focused on building accessible, human-centered products

Product Design

Top-notch, tailored design for your products and to boost your business visibility.


Address all design and technical challenges, for your product based on budget, timeline, and technology.


Future proof, product development, cross platform and scalable development.


App Development

Highest quality, scalable web and mobile solutions. We care about the quality of the project as well as its complete implementation. That is why we use proven technologies designed to create modern applications and websites on a daily basis.


Web Development

Excel in both large, complex portals and smaller, campaign landing pages. Each project needs to load fast, be pixel-perfect and user friendly.

Consistency and high execution quality are based on our unique process, in which front-end is coded by developers understanding the principles of UX and design


Graphic Design

A world-class User Experience, product design, must be at the forefront of your priorities. Strategic product design approach that systematically addresses your digital product’s design needs.

Skilled design which combines technical skills with a strategic service approach to create stunning, visually appealing, intuitive digital products.

Our portfolio

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